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Yi Li Shen capsule's main materials are the rare nutriment which is extracted from prickly ant which special product of China and its assistant material rare several rare Chinese medicinal herbs. The paten product is obtained owing to the year's study of ten odd experts. In addition, high technology and modern processing are applied. Yi Li Shen Capsule is good in taste and rich in nutriment. Yi Li Shen is a functional nutritious health-care product. It can consolidate the constitution, reinforce the primordial qi, treat bothe the symptoms and cause and take quick effect. Taking it is beneficial to strengthen kidney power and eliminating tiredness. Yi Li Shen can maintain interior's natural equilibrium, replenish yang and kidney, nourish yi and warm yang as well as promoting supersession of the old by the new, improving resistant capacity, restoring strenuous brain workers' and manual labor's strength and brain, eliminating tiredness and improving life quality. It has unique effect on replenishing kidney and improving kidney's function.

1) Achieving remarkable effectiveness on antifatigue and strengthening kidney power
2) Invigorating kidney and qi, no side effect and no dependence
3) Refreshing the mind, restoring physical strength and improving the quality of life by taking it for long term
4) Easy to carry about and easy to take

Package: 1pill (25pills/ big box)

Shelf period: 3 years

Shelf time: 3 years

Note: this product as health food, drug treatment irreplaceable role under the age of 18 are advised not to buy.


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