Sea Dog Pills Male Sex Medicines


Sea Dog Pills Male Sex Medicines

Sea dog pills are based on the ancient palace secret, choose a variety of natural plant extracts, the use of low-temperature extraction, cell broken the modern biotechnology, from the Arctic Sea and the Greater Xingan Mountains, the snow-covered Goubian ginseng extract TP Qiangshen fact unique to live and ginseng saponin Essence, supplemented by Fu Fuling, Epimedium, cinnamon, and other valuable herbs from refining. After entering the body through the blood circulation and promote the secretion of cell activity, enhancing vitality of cells. Make it Bushen impotence, Yijing-pulp, the preion for warng kidney deficiency, Air soothe the nerves of the significant effects; to achieve fine, gas, three-way unity of God, to your good health.

Usage and dosage: al day once every four pills. If the frail, and served four balls, with warm water use, I do not have to quit, are all effective. Both young and old, weak even clothes Shenbu week, we will be able weakening of the strong, vigous function.

Specifications: 1g*12 pills/ Box

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Shelf time: 3 years

Note: this product as health food, drug treatment irreplaceable role under the age of 18 are advised not to buy.


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