Paiyouji 100% Herbal Slimming Pills Box Version


Pai You Ji 100% Herbal Slimming Pills
1. Reduce fat quickly
2. Burning fat, keep slim
3. All herbal, 100% original, no side effect
Paiyouji slimming adopt many kinds of natural herbs that possess the function of weight loss and keeping nice figure, It can activate body cells and balance microcirculation while elimininating accumulated toxin.
The weight loss function theories are as follow:
1. Restain the activity for the enzyme of gastrointestinal tract, make the body cant absorb fat that came from food. The expression is that the human excrement is fatty oils, that means eat how much of the fat, then excrete how much of the fat.
2. Boosting the rate of fat metabolism (BMR), that is add the consumption of energy. Change the fat into the calorie, carbon dioxide and the water
3. The product is not only cut down the superfluous fat, but also supply the necessary goods for body which is many kinds of amino acid and the microelement of Cu, Fe P Zn Se.
4. Activate the cell of body, Balance the circulation of body. Clearn out the long-time toxin in vivo
5. Have the original function of weight loss, expulsion of toxin, adjustment of fat.
1. Dcrease the formation of adipose tissue, burn excess fat effectively in belly, arm, leg and waist
2. Extracts from herbs, safe and free of any toxincities
3. Restain appetite, unnecessary to go on a diet
4. You can get slim from the first capsule. (Quickly weight loss effect)
5. Liquid ingredients can be easier absorbed
Main ingredients: Xianxian cao, Jobs-tears, Artemisia Dracunculus, Psyliium Husk, Bamboo, Lotus Leaf.
Specification: 30 capsule per box
Usage and Dosage: One capsule a day before or after breakfast
Storage: Store in cool, dry, and dark conditions
Cautions: Applicable for people between 16-62 years old
Precautions: Not applicable for women in pregnancy or nursing period and patients of cordis-vasal and apoplexy.

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