365 Delicious Slimming Coffee


365 Delicious Slimming Coffee

Description:The product is based on modern Chinese medicine medicine food homology theory, the selection of coffee, hydroxy citric acid (HCA), Catering

Fresh fiber, taurine, vitamin B1 and other raw materials, the use of modern biological science and technology, by vacuum drying, powder particles

Broken, sterilization, V-drive full of refined processes such as mixing uniformity and predictability to our company the product is the United States Gene Health Cooperative

Technical Research Center complex after three years of clinical research results of scientific research, is a natural, healthy and safe weight-US

Let drinks, not just coffee, a packet of drink every morning, drop, memorable, enjoy enjoy

"Thin" is a modern beauty to health drinks.

The main raw materials: coffee, hydroxy citric acid (HCA), taurine, dietary fiber, vitamin B1.

Specifications: 10gx18 packages

Health function: weight loss
Appropriate to the crowd: simple obesity, post-natal obesity, adolescence obesity and the need to maintain the body MILLER
From article.

Taking method: once a day, each time a packet, at a breakfast before a day to open appropriately open drinking water

Used to (no need to join the other partners of coffee).

Implementation of standards: Q/YX18-1997

Approval Number: Wei Jian fresh word (1997), No. 053

License Number: Lu-wei fresh word card (2006) No. No. 0108

Storage: home a cool dry place, sealed to preserve

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