Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum Blood Bo Herbal Natural Sex Products


It adopts the ancient Tibet palace preserve health serect prescription and set up with pure vegetality elaborately preparing with the main ingredients of Chinese
caterpillar fungus,hairy antler,and compound 27kinds of pure Chinese Traditional medicinal crops,concurently with the features of pharmaceutical such as short action time and long efficirncy time.
It has the effect of kidey stengther and anti fatigue,nourish the essence pf the body and invigorate and Yang,accommadate hman body's function in entirety and imporove the immunity.So as to startup the manufacture of the natural hormone of human body,increasing the secretion of the andrusol, to enlarge the length and the perimeter of the penis,with the great effect to male's impotence and prospermia,and the sexual disorder sunce as sexual hypofunction etc.

Main Ingredients:

Hairy Antler: encourage sperm production,tonify marrow,strengthen the tendons and bones,benefit Yang,enrich blood and enhance the health.

Cervus Nippon Temminck: benefit the kidney,strengthen Yang,Tonify Qi,encourage sperm production,focus on curing impotence,kidney deficiency,tinnitus and fatigue.

Wild Ginseng:strengthen the functions of sex gland with obvious therapeutic effect for praecox ejaculation type impotence.

Epimedium Herb: improve sexual function,promote sperm secretion,enlarge the spermatophore,stimulate the sensory nerve and excite intermittently.

Male Silkworm Moths: male silkworm moth is looked as a kind of divine insect and has the function of invigorating the liver and kidney,strengthening Yang and fighting ageing.

Rhodiola: as the invigorating herb discovered in recent year, it has intensive research at abroad.

Sea Horse:obviously improve the weight of prostate,seminal vesicle and levator ani,fight ageing.

Using Range: the secondary functional impotence,prostatitis because of Neurasthenic or spirituality and the others.

Precautions for Use: the minor would be careful.It could not be used repeately in 24hours.If erection appears time after time or
last too long time, to drink a cup of water please.

Comment: It is absordbed through lymph system. It has no impact for liver function.

Usage and dosage: To take orally hald hour before sexual intercourse.

Specifiction: 680mg*10pills +10gel

Period of Validity:  THREE years.

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place and avoid storage in direct sunlight.

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