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Cong Cao Lu Bian Wan is mixed essentially the most popular as well as the best professional prescribed of global materials that can easily and speedily increase the erectile power and endurance, which may achieve the excellent strength, size, exciting and lengthen during the sexual intercourse. Cong Cao Lu Bian Wan is the perfect man health supplement prodct for mid-aged men, which could consumed by body within 5 minutes.

1. improve semen creation;
2. promote men body energy;
3. increase penis erection durability;
4. treat symptom of impotence.

Essential component:
Dong Cong Xia Cao,Lubian,Ginseng,Chinese Matrimony-vine,Boschiniakia Glabra,Obsence Yang Hua and so on.

Adaptation crowd:
Premature ejaculation,lose the sperm,weak sperm,sexual desire dies down;the penis is short and samll,waist knee sour painful,arms and legs
have no dint,dizzinessear,out og hearing,body is weak night sweat,sa lot of night urinate,the prostate gland inflammation,rtc.Kindey weak causes of various symptoms.

Gauge standard: 9g * 3 pills

Storage: Keep in a cool dry place.

Shelf time: 4 years

Notes: penile pyrexia, dilatancy could be the normal phenomenon after using this product, having cool drinking water may relieve. Or even 8 hours later, it's going to recover on its own.



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