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Effects: it is a lasting effect spermary preserve health serect prescription.It has distinct malehormaone characteprotein assimalation and stimulating medulla creating blood function.And it can accelerate blood cell growing and accruesperm.

Main Ingredients:

Hairy Antler: encourage sperm production,tonify marrow,strengthen the tendons and bones,benefit Yang,enrich blood and enhance the health.

Cervus Nippon Temminck: benefit the kidney,strengthen Yang,Tonify Qi,encourage sperm production,focus on curing impotence,kidney deficiency,tinnitus and fatigue.

Wild Ginseng:strengthen the functions of sex gland with obvious therapeutic effect for praecox ejaculation type impotence.

Epimedium Herb: improve sexual function,promote sperm secretion,enlarge the spermatophore,stimulate the sensory nerve and excite intermittently.

Male Silkworm Moths: male silkworm moth is looked as a kind of divine insect and has the function of invigorating the liver and kidney,strengthening Yang and fighting ageing.

Rhodiola: as the invigorating herb discovered in recent year, it has intensive research at abroad.

Sea Horse:obviously improve the weight of prostate,seminal vesicle and levator ani,fight ageing.
Using Range: the secondary functional impotence,prostatitis because of Neurasthenic or spirituality and the others.
Precautions for Use: the minor would be careful.It could not be used repeately in 24hours.If erection appears time after time or
last too long time, to drink a cup of water please.

Comment: It is absordbed through lymph system. It has no impact for liver function.

Usage and dosage: To take orally hald hour before sexual intercourse.

Specifiction: 680mg*10pills +10gel

Period of Validity:  THREE years.

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place and avoid storage in direct sunlight.

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